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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Promised I would!

Tell about Simon, that is...

Look at that smile!

Simon is in a wheelchair.  He can't feel his legs, but he can get around very well.  He is very interested in gadgets and technology, but is also sensitive to other people's feelings.

He needs to have a family file paperwork to adopt him by October of this year or he will age out.  He will spend his life in an institution, without a family to belong to.

Simon faces big challenges in his life, but he shouldn't have to face them alone. 

Here is a video of Simon enjoying a game of checkers...Looks like he's pretty good!

Simon could be someone's son...someone's brother...someone's handsome nephew...someone's grandson.  Pray that it will happen!

p.s.  The boy with the big blue eyes and mischievous grin who comes right up to the camera is Orion.  He needs a family too!

Edited to add:

Here is another video with pictures and video clips of Simon.  He looks like the kind of young man anyone would want to have around!

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