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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yesterday morning I looked at Valentin's page on Reece's Rainbow, just to say hello I suppose.

And I noticed that the number in his 5/5/5 box has changed. It went up. It more than doubled.


Thank you. Thank you so much!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Faces of Cerebral Palsy

As I've mentioned, Valentin has cerebral palsy. He is able to stand with help, but he really needs therapy--and a family to help and encourage him!

What does a diagnosis of cerebral palsy mean? Actually it's sort of an umbrella term. A person with cerebral palsy has damage to the cerebellum, resulting in difficulty with his or her muscles. The most common kind of cerebral palsy is called spastic; it involves muscles that are tight.

Here is Keaton. He turns five next month. Doesn't he have a sweet little face? Keaton has CP and internal hydrocephalus.

Ryland, with his dark hair and dark eyes, has some Roma heritage. He has CP, but he can walk on his own and even climb up the ladder to a playground slide!

CP can be very mild, or more severe. Even someone with mild CP, like Ryland, can benefit from physical therapy.

This beautiful girl is Elena. Although she is visually impaired, her eyes seem to be looking into beautiful things!

Her CP affects her left side more than the right. CP may affect all four limbs, or only one side, or the legs more than the arms.

And look at Stellan!
What beautiful dark eyes!

He is in the same orphanage as Valentin, and looks almost as though he could be his younger brother. Stellan will be three next month. *

They all have CP. They all need families. They are all so loved by God.

*friday, 24 June -- Stellan's profile currently isn't viewable on Reece's Rainbow, because the laws about international adoption are being revised in his country. I didn't anticipate that when I wrote about him! But prayers for him are still important!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What can you do?

If you've read here a little, you've seen Valentin's
sweet've been charmed by him, at least a little, and you've been troubled--at least a little--at the thought of this beautiful boy (and others like him) with no families to care for them, and no prospects except being sent to an institution, bedridden without opportunities for education and therapy and fun.

But what can you do about it?

What are you willing to do?

I will tell you some things...


You can pray for him. Pray that he will be well cared for. Pray that his family will come. Pray that the light won't fade from his eyes...

You can pray just when it crosses your mind--little prayers, just going up. You can ask for prayer for him (and other children) at your church or your temple or your small group. Just simple prayers...

Bring him home!

Perhaps you've thought about adoption. Or perhaps you haven't thought of it (until now). Maybe you didn't dare think it was a possibility.

But what if it is?

Think about it. Ask God...

Not everyone can adopt Valentin, but there are other children, too, who need love and a family.


Even without adopting, you can help a child (or children) come home.

Is there some small expenditure you can give up for a week, or a month, and give to Valentin instead? Or one of the other children on Reece's Rainbow?

(The money we donate on RR goes toward adoption grants, to help families bring these children home. I will post more about all that soon!)

Think about it--even if it's only $5.00...A thousand times five dollars is five thousand dollars! How many times in a month do we spend five dollars? Maybe sometimes we can bless it toward a child who has nothing.

Whatever you may choose to do, I would like for it to be with peacefulness and faith. Because I know that God is able to bring everything about in His way, without anxiety.

But ask Him. Is there something He wants to do, in company with you?

Friday, June 10, 2011

5/5/5 Friday

I decided to share with you a few more of the five-year-olds on Reece's Rainbow. So, here are four more boys!

This is "Tyler." Look at that curly brown hair and shy little grin! He is diagnosed with autism. This may be (at least partly) the effect of living in an orphanage, we don't know at this time. Even a good orphanage isn't the same as having your own family.

This blond cutie is "Nolan." He was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. He can walk, but he doesn't talk yet. He needs a mom and dad to look after him and help him be all he can be!

Look at those CHEEKS!! And beautiful dark eyes!! "Tomas" has Down syndrome. He is five and a half, and could be sent to the institution soon.

Isn't Lance a doll? What a smile! Lance turned five last month. He is HIV-positive. (That diagnosis is not as scary as it once was; it can be managed with medication. Lance can live a long and happy life!)

And you know this face!

Imagine if all these boys were home with families. They could be starting kindergarten together...getting together to play in the sandbox or go to the zoo...They all have significant challenges, but any one of them could light up his family's life.

And each one of them is so loved by God.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

More happy news

This is Eddie. Look at his smile! He has CP (like Valentin). Recently he was transferred from the baby house to the institution.

But now--

Eddie has a family!!

Someone is coming for him!

Someone saw the sweetness in his smile and said "Yes!" to having him for a son.

And Julia posted about Jonah's story in her blog. Pray that everything works out for his new parents to bring him home!

(You can also click on his picture to get to Julia's blog post.)

And when you pray--

Don't forget Valentin.

He needs his family too!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy news...and dreaming...

This sweet boy has a family now!

This is "Jonah" from Reece's Rainbow. I have prayed he would be safe, and that a family would come for him. (Lots of people besides me have been praying!)

A day or two ago I looked in on the "My Family Found Me" page, and there was Jonah! Someone has said "Yes!" to being his parents! Someone is on their way to get him!

Who are they? It hasn't been announced yet. But sometime soon, there will be a new little story on the "New Commitments" page, telling how a family realized that this little boy was meant to be with them.

And do you know what I'm dreaming?...

That soon it will be Valentin's turn.