Bring me my Bow of burning gold; bring me my Arrows of Desire ~~ William Blake

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy birthday, little girl!

It's Mandy's birthday! She is two years old today!

She's a little young for a party, but she's not too young to enjoy cake (with lots of icing!). She's not too young to know the singing is for her, the twinkling candles are special, and just for her.

But the thing is, she probably won't have a cake, or candles. Because she doesn't have a mom and dad who think she is the most precious two-year-old ever.

Where is Mandy's family?

Mandy will need surgery to separate her fingers, and to make sure her brain has room to grow. She has a heart condition called "patent foramen ovale," which might need treatment.

Living in an orphanage, she has some delays, and she'll need parents who can enjoy letting her do and experience all the things she's missed out on--exploring all the cupboards, saying "mine!" about everything, throwing her dish on the floor when she's finished with it. Just being a toddler.

Will you say a prayer for Mandy today, on her birthday? And maybe put something in her grant fund? Pray that she will grow and be healthy. Pray that her family will find her soon.

And remember Ivan, too.