Bring me my Bow of burning gold; bring me my Arrows of Desire ~~ William Blake

Monday, January 7, 2013

The difference love can make

Love can make such a difference.  It made a difference for Valentin.

Love can make a difference for Giselle.

Love can make a difference for Ivan--love, and nourishment, and physical therapy. 

Actually it seems to me that all those other things are part of love.

Love feeds the child yummy food that nourishes his body and brings a smile to his face.

(Eldridge, age 3, with cerebral palsy)

Love gently encourages the tight muscles to uncurl--and brings the child to physical therapy for more help.  

(Kiril, soon to turn 9, with cerebral palsy) 

Love shows the child all the wonders of the world around him (or her!). 

(Chantelle, aged 5, with cerebral palsy)

Love helps the lonely heart to blossom. 

(Emil, aged 13, with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy)

Love can make such a difference. 

(p.s.--who wants the honor of being first to put something in Miss Chantelle's grant?)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In the New Year

I haven't blogged much lately, for various reasons...but here I am again today!  Looking forward to seeing what the new year will bring. 

A year ago I was thinking of Valentin, alone in a crib, waiting...Now when I think of Valentin I smile, knowing he is with his family, he is safe, he is loved. 

He is getting to experience the wonders of his world--like fish swimming gracefully in the aquarium...

and like sweet, gooey marshmallows! 

I could never tire of telling you how this little boy's world has been changed...but today I'm thinking of someone else who is waiting in a crib, who has never tasted a marshmallow, who doesn't have parents to take him to see wonderful things. 

This is Ivan

Ivan is five years old.  He's living in an orphanage, and he has cerebral palsy.  He's not able to walk, but he's loved by his caregivers.  Looking into his big dark eyes, you can see why they would! 

How much difference could a family make in his life?  What if Ivan had a mom and dad to hold him close, to encourage him and help him learn to use his muscles?  What if loving eyes looked into his eyes every day? 

We've seen it happen for Valentin. 

p.s.  Go see Valentin's mom's blog for an update...scroll down for a video!