Bring me my Bow of burning gold; bring me my Arrows of Desire ~~ William Blake

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is this your son?

This is Chase.

Chase is 7 and a half years old. He is said to be smart and well-behaved. Chase appears to have Treacher-Collins Syndrome, which affects the bones in his face.

Chase needs a family. Is he your son?

This is Carter.

Carter is seven. He has spina bifida, but he doesn't let that keep him from walking. (On his RR profile page you can see him using a walker.)

An adoptive mom who met him recently says he is polite, funny, sweet and smart, with a twinkle in his eye. She has more to tell about him here: (You'll need to scroll down the page to see what she says about Carter.)

Could Carter be your little boy?

This is Emmitt.

Emmitt is fourteen now. He has spina bifida, and can't walk. He has lived in an institution for several years. But he would still love to have a family of his own. Could he be your son?

Little Ivan is still waiting!

He still needs his mama and papa to come for him, and make it possible for him to have the surgery he needs. Is Ivan your son?

And don't forget Sawyer.

He's still waiting for a mama to come and look into his eyes and say, "You're mine."

Mama, Papa--where are you?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dancing again!!

Just a quick note to say...

Bernadette has been found!!

I'm dancing!!

Just wait till this girl sees her very own mom and dad coming for her...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dancing today

I've been dancing on the inside today!

I was working on a post to introduce you to a young man called Duncan, who is the same age as Samuel and also needs a family soon. But then this morning I went to the "Found" page and there was Duncan's face!

So I'm rejoicing!

For these two teen-age boys to now have committed families, against all odds--contrary to what you would usually expect--it is wonderful!

If this can happen, who knows what else God can do?

He can bring a family for Ivan, soon, so that Ivan can get the surgery he needs. Can't He?

He can bring a family for Sawyer.

He can bring a family for Bernadette, who will be sixteen in November--but who is more like a little girl still--Can't He?

He can bring a family for Laurel, who will be sixteen in August. He holds all those days in His hand.

I'm hoping eagerly to see these two girls, and many others too, found and claimed and coming home.

And then I'll be dancing some more.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Several days ago I learned about a young man we'll call Samuel.

An adoptive family met him while they were in-country to get their daughter. Samuel is friendly, intelligent and respectful. Doesn't he just glow?

Samuel's "special need" is very mild--he has malformed fingers. Other than that, he is healthy. He has been doing well in school and knows some English.

Samuel will turn sixteen in May. He needs a family quickly! In his own country he will have few opportunities--most importantly, he won't have a family to encourage him and help him.

The adoptive mom who met him promised to help find a family for him. You can learn more about him here (and see more pictures!).

The time is short, but we know there is a family out there for Samuel! Will you pray for him?

Is he your son?

Update: Look!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ten for Ivan K!

Wow, I guess February went by in a blur...

This month is an important one for Ivan, though he doesn't know it.

This month Ivan is the featured child on Ten for Orphans.

The idea is that if 2500 people will give just $10, Ivan's adoption expenses will be fully covered.

Who wants to help?

Who wants to help pray that his family will realize he's theirs, and start on their way to him before the month is over?

Come get Ivan! He's waiting for you.