Bring me my Bow of burning gold; bring me my Arrows of Desire ~~ William Blake

Monday, May 25, 2015

Here we are again!

It's been awhile since I was blogging.  Guess I kind of lost momentum.  I was thinking I needed to start up again, and a few days ago I knew I had to!  


I'll tell you why.  Because of this young man. 

This is Alex.  He was just listed on RR.  I had seen his face before, because I'm aware of a ministry that works with the institution where he lives.  

I was so excited to see that Alex is available for adoption!  But there isn't much time.  Alex was born in 1999, and will turn 16 in December of this year.  For a family to adopt him, they would have to have their USCIS application filed before his birthday.  The adoption doesn't have to be completed before then.  

So--is Alex's mama out there?  And papa? Can you bring your boy home?