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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This sweet boy is Casey.

Doesn't he look like such a sweet little boy?  

The thing is--Casey is fifteen years old.  Yes, fifteen.  In June he will be sixteen.  And these pictures are fairly recent. 

Casey needs a family to commit to his adoption before he turns sixteen--in about a month. 

He has cerebral palsy, and he is very delayed.  He can't walk at all.  He really needs physical therapy for his stiff muscles.  He will need a lot of help and care.  But he has a sweet nature.  And his family will surely be blessed by having him. 

He was twelve in this photo.  Look at that grin!  And the little tuft of curly hair!

You can read more about Casey and see more pictures at this blog post. You can see a video of him here.  (I will try to embed it when I can get on the better computer...)

More blog posts about Casey--Here, and here

Pray for this little boy, still so little even as a teen-ager.  His heart is so precious to God. 

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