Bring me my Bow of burning gold; bring me my Arrows of Desire ~~ William Blake

Monday, May 25, 2015

Here we are again!

It's been awhile since I was blogging.  Guess I kind of lost momentum.  I was thinking I needed to start up again, and a few days ago I knew I had to!  


I'll tell you why.  Because of this young man. 

This is Alex.  He was just listed on RR.  I had seen his face before, because I'm aware of a ministry that works with the institution where he lives.  

I was so excited to see that Alex is available for adoption!  But there isn't much time.  Alex was born in 1999, and will turn 16 in December of this year.  For a family to adopt him, they would have to have their USCIS application filed before his birthday.  The adoption doesn't have to be completed before then.  

So--is Alex's mama out there?  And papa? Can you bring your boy home?  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Introducing Velia

This is sweet Velia

 Velia has Down syndrome and cerebral palsy.  Would you believe she is 13 years old?  No, the pictures are not old.  She is tiny. 

 Velia has waited so long to know she is loved.  She has almost given up hoping. 

But she is lovable and loved.  She is!

See those little arms holding onto the bars of her crib.  Those arms need someone to hold onto.  Velia needs the arms of a loving family embracing her, loving eyes looking into hers. 

Will you pray for Velia?  Pray that the family that is meant to be hers will see her and come for her.  Could you put something into her adoption grant? she your daughter?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This sweet boy is Casey.

Doesn't he look like such a sweet little boy?  

The thing is--Casey is fifteen years old.  Yes, fifteen.  In June he will be sixteen.  And these pictures are fairly recent. 

Casey needs a family to commit to his adoption before he turns sixteen--in about a month. 

He has cerebral palsy, and he is very delayed.  He can't walk at all.  He really needs physical therapy for his stiff muscles.  He will need a lot of help and care.  But he has a sweet nature.  And his family will surely be blessed by having him. 

He was twelve in this photo.  Look at that grin!  And the little tuft of curly hair!

You can read more about Casey and see more pictures at this blog post. You can see a video of him here.  (I will try to embed it when I can get on the better computer...)

More blog posts about Casey--Here, and here

Pray for this little boy, still so little even as a teen-ager.  His heart is so precious to God. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Somebody's son...

Somebody's son is waiting for his parents to find him and bring him home.

He is longing for a family.  He wants brothers and sisters, but most of all he needs the love of parents to guide him.

(turning fifteen this summer)

He has been so lonely for so long.

 (turns sixteen in TWO WEEKS)

He needs a dad to show him how to be a strong and kind man.  He needs the love of a mom.

 (turning sixteen in December)

He needs a brother or a sister--or two--or some cousins, who will play games and share jokes and even bicker sometimes.  He needs an aunt or an uncle or a grandparent who will share their experiences and listen to his dreams.

 (turning sixteen in October)

Perhaps he has given up on dreaming.  He needs parents who can help renew his hope in life.

(turned fifteen in February)

He needs the embrace of people who love him just how he is, who will come alongside him and give the care and help he has missed out on.

(turns sixteen in June!  and he is tiny)

His time is running out--and he needs a miracle. 

(turning sixteen in TWO WEEKS)

Here is another post about the boys.

Edited Monday night, April 15:  Here is another post from a mom who adopted a teenage boy.  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Promised I would!

Tell about Simon, that is...

Look at that smile!

Simon is in a wheelchair.  He can't feel his legs, but he can get around very well.  He is very interested in gadgets and technology, but is also sensitive to other people's feelings.

He needs to have a family file paperwork to adopt him by October of this year or he will age out.  He will spend his life in an institution, without a family to belong to.

Simon faces big challenges in his life, but he shouldn't have to face them alone. 

Here is a video of Simon enjoying a game of checkers...Looks like he's pretty good!

Simon could be someone's son...someone's brother...someone's handsome nephew...someone's grandson.  Pray that it will happen!

p.s.  The boy with the big blue eyes and mischievous grin who comes right up to the camera is Orion.  He needs a family too!

Edited to add:

Here is another video with pictures and video clips of Simon.  He looks like the kind of young man anyone would want to have around!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hoping for another miracle...

Anyone want to help pray for another miracle?

Of course you do.

This is Sebastian.

He is rather shy, and calm.  He is interested in many things--architecture, for instance, and animals, and drawing cars--and he longs for a family.   You can learn much more about him by clicking on his name above. 

He will turn sixteen in just a couple of weeks.  Paperwork to adopt him must be filed by April 25th.

There is time!  With God there is always enough time.  Somewhere, there is a family who has been working on their paperwork already, and can put in the request to go and claim Sebastian as their son. 

Take courage, dear parents!  Go and get your son!

And someone needs to go get Joseph too.

(Tomorrow I'll tell you about Simon...)

Edited to add:  Here is a post telling more about why it is so important that Sebastian and Joseph find families!

And another post from someone who has met him!

And another post...

and another...and another...

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I love to dream of impossible things. 

Actually, there was a time I did not dream; I had forgotten how.  That's another story. 

But here is a young man who needs to be able to dream.  He needs to have a dream come true. 

This is Joseph

Joseph will be 16 on April 25.  Three weeks. 

He needs a family to file the appropriate paperwork by April 24, in order for him to be adopted. 

Joseph wants to be adopted.  He needs a family to help him on his path in life.  He has waited so long, without belonging to anyone really. 

To step forward for Joseph would be to enter into a huge adventure.  But I know God can do things we dare not dream.

And I know that lots of people who care about Joseph's life will do all they can to help him come home.  Including me.

Pray for Joseph.  Pray that God's purpose for his life will blossom.  Pray that he won't be left alone.